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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Vision

To improve maternal and child health through high-quality, high-impact, collaborative science.

Our Mission

To understand both the effects of maternal health on fertility and pregnancy, and the effects of pregnancy exposures and outcomes on maternal and offspring health throughout the lifespan.

About the Center

Based at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, our Center brings together clinicians and scientists across UC San Diego to better understand the effect of maternal health on fertility and pregnancy.

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Projects & Initiatives

We tackle important areas in perinatal biology and health, ranging from modeling of the human placenta, to detection of biomarkers for adverse pregnancy outcomes, to exploration of developmental origins of health and disease.

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Support Our Work

Help support our valuable work and contribute to the health of our communities. Giving Priority: Health and Medicine; Area: Pathology; Fund: Center for Perinatal Discovery Fund.

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